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Volunteer Membership Criteria
  • Must be at least 18 years of age and hold a valid driver's license.
  • Must be a resident of Lenox, MA
  • Obtain and maintain CPR and First Responder Cards.
  • Attend and complete a recruit-training program.
  • Attend an annual hazardous materials class.
  • Submit to a one year probationary period.
  • Members are encouraged to take part in department related community events.
Membership Application (Click the link, fill out the form and return to Lenox FD)


Career Firefighter / EMT’s


Dan Clifford, Chief

Chris O’Brien, Deputy Chief

Jason Saunders, Captain

Chris Long, FF/EMT-I

Larry Morse, FF/EMT-P

Dan Piretti, Captain



Relief Firefighter / EMT’s 


Bob Casucci, Deputy Chief

Jim Terry, Captain

Mike Zinchuk, Lieutenant

Chris Prew, Lieutenant

Jake Pyra, FF/EMT-I

Steve Quinn, FF/EMT

Paul Duma, FF/EMT

Cody Schaefer, FF/EMT-P

Trevor Swistak, FF/EMT

Justin Kimball, FF/EMT-P

Matt Tyer, FF/EMT-I

Mark Millett, FF/EMT

Bob Gaughran, FF/EMT

Dan Sintoni, FF/EMT-P

Ethan Sicard, FF/EMT-I



Volunteer Firefighters


Devin Alden, Firefighter

Tom Barry, Firefighter

Matthew Boulais, Firefighter

Dennis Caldwell, Firefighter

Elio Casucci, Firefighter

Linda Clifford, Firefighter

Bill Clifford, Firefighter

Bill Colvin, Deputy Chief

Steve Coon, Firefighter

Matt Fenton, Firefighter

Scott Forbes, Lieutenant

Nick Frost, Firefighter

John Gaherty, Firefighter

Bill Gop, Firefighter

Jeffery Kane, Jr. Firefighter

Tim Kane, Firefighter

Chris Kupernik, Firefighter

Fred LaFave, Firefighter

Andrew Lane, Firefighter

Matt Lane, Firefighter

Mike Lane, Lieutenant

Mike Leahey, Firefighter

Abigail Lemanski, Firefighter

Zack Levesque, Jr. Firefighter

Jeff Lynch, Firefighter

Michael Maggio, Firefighter

Cam Marcantel, Firefighter

Jake Maturevich, Firefighter

Tyler May, Firefighter

Justin Mercer, Firefighter

Jason Miller, Firefighter

Stephen Murray, Firefighter

Steve Omelenchuck, FF

Dan Piggott, Firefighter

Jim Prew, Firefighter

Dan Reinhart, Firefighter

Josh Romeo, Firefighter

Louis Senecal, Firefighter

Dan Sheehan, Firefighter

Cam Sibley, Firefighter

TJ Smachetti, Firefighter

Josh Stanton, Firefighter

Mike Steuerwald, Firefighter

Todd Stevens, Firefighter

Bruce Stringer, Firefighter

Jake Stringer, Firefighter

John Stringer, Firefighter

Zack Wasuk, Firefighter

Matt Williams, Firefighter

Mark Zink, Firefighter